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Cyma Tec is an Artist and Music Producer based out of Seattle and Boise, US. With a strong foundation in the vibrant electronic music scene of the Pacific Northwest, Cyma Tec has dedicated years to the creation and organization of noteworthy events at renowned festivals such as The Oracle Gatherings, Lightning in a Bottle, Cascadia NW Music and Arts Festival, and EmbryOasis-Trinity Hot Springs, ID.
Having initially delved into the art of mixing in 2013, Cyma Tec transitioned to Electronic Music Production in the summer of 2021. This shift culminated in the release of the debut album "Garden of Stars" in 2023, followed by subsequent single releases including "Lost Inside The Mothership,"  "Time Portal,"and an upcoming album scheduled for April 19, 2024. This album will be titled "Dimensions of Being" which promises to showcase Cyma Tec's exploration of the Techy Alien Bass Music facet within electronic music. Mid/Downtempo grooves and atmospheres lead the listener to alternate states of audio immersion. 
Cyma Tec expresses deep gratitude for the ability to embark on this musical journey and remains humbled by the opportunity to traverse the realms of sound alongside a community of like-minded and visionary individuals who have paved the way, continuing to share in the vibrance of the electronic auditory Evolution.

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I'll be bringing along my X1 & Z1 controllers and a 16" MacBook Pro with stand.

Need access to one power outlet and basic RCA inputs. Have cords.


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