John Stream hails from the Great Northwest, following a professional path that blends Industrial Design, Architecture, & Building Biology with Fine Art, Community, & Music.


  • 25years experience in Building Industry: Trades, Design, Architecture, CADD

  • Education: Industrial Design, Architecture, & Building Biology

  • Green and Biological Design: 9100 Cottage, Green Canopy Homes, m-Leg Prosthesis, Traveling Theater

  • Work: Green Canopy Homes, Watson Furniture, Wells Painting, Cascadia Music & Arts Festival, Trinity Hot Springs, GeoStream Design



  • 2005 - 2012

  • B-DES: Bachelor of Design - Industrial Design, University of Washington. W/Minor in
    Architecture (5yrs)

  • AAS: Architectural and Engineering Drafting and Documentation, N. Seattle Community College (2yrs)

  • BBEC: Building Biology & Ecology Design, Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (1yr)


  • Best Industrial Designer: Development of lower limb prosthesis. University of Washington. 2012

  • Architecture: Peoples Choice Award, Seattle Eco-Builders Guild 'Green Home Tour' for urban Building Biology & Ecology Design/Build project. 2013



Seeking a way to combine Industrial Design, Architecture, and Biology into a new frontier of building opportunities. To increase our connection to our habitats in order to sustain health & the increased quality of our beings, our bodies, our spirit, the Earth, and the experiences we share together while we are here. To support and establish community based growth and development through Art, Architecture, Technology, each other, and our Planet.


Community/Event Production:

  • 2000 - 2010: Event production with Oracle Gatherings. 24 events across the 1st Decade of our Century.

  • 2011 - 2014: Invited to help design and build out a 40,000 sq foot festival attraction at Lightning in a Bottle.

  • 2016, invited to join the team at Cascadia Music and Arts Festival in 2016. Coming on as a production assistant for the first two years, then moved into the lead role of Production Manager.

  • 2020: The year it all crashed... was invited to return once again to LIB... postponed...


Other Passions...

  • Visionary Canvas Artist

  • Avid Guitar Player

  • Father of 2

Background Summary:

After High School, John spent 10 years working and learning in the building Industry as a tradesman (carpentry/finishes). At 28, John received an opportunity to attend the University of Washington. While he Intended to Study Architecture, his path also found a pull toward Industrial Design. After a strong graduation in 2012, top of his Class, John spent a number of years working as a 3-D modeler and in Building Management with the Green Home Industry in Seattle. In 2015 he moved to the Rocky Mtns to Manage the re-opening and Restoration of a long vacant Hotsprings and Resort, Trinity Hot Springs. During that time John also worked on an Industrial Design product with a co-designer in Boise developing Wearable Hidden Data Drives, the Hidden Gem project.


After hitting a rough spot in 2018, John moved back to Washington, re-entered the trades & started building a new foundation with all the he tools now carried. A re-grounding before launching back toward the world of Design and Architecture.


Doors have opened. Currently launching...