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John Stream hails from the Great Northwest, following a professional path that blends Industrial Design, Architecture, & Building Biology with Fine Art, Community, & Music.


  • 25years experience in Building Industry: Trades, Design, Architecture, CADD

  • Education: Industrial Design, Architecture, & Building Biology

  • Green and Biological Design: 9100 Cottage, Green Canopy Homes, m-Leg Prosthesis, Traveling Theater

  • Work: Green Canopy Homes, Watson Furniture, Wells Painting, Cascadia Music & Arts Festival, Trinity Hot Springs, GeoStream Design



  • 2005 - 2012

  • B-DES: Bachelor of Design - Industrial Design, University of Washington. W/Minor in
    Architecture (5yrs)

  • AAS: Architectural and Engineering Drafting and Documentation, N. Seattle Community College (2yrs)

  • BBEC: Building Biology & Ecology Design, Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (1yr)


  • Best Industrial Designer: Development of lower limb prosthesis. University of Washington. 2012

  • Architecture: Peoples Choice Award, Seattle Eco-Builders Guild 'Green Home Tour' for urban Building Biology & Ecology Design/Build project. 2013



Community/Event Production:

  • 2000 - 2010: Event production with Oracle Gatherings. 24 events across the 1st Decade of our Century.

  • 2011 - 2014: Invited to help design and build out a 40,000 sq foot festival attraction at Lightning in a Bottle.

  • 2016, invited to join the team at Cascadia Music and Arts Festival in 2016. Coming on as a production assistant for the first two years, then moved into the lead role of Production Manager.

  • 2020: The year it all crashed... was invited to return once again to LIB... postponed...


Background Summary:

After High School, John spent 10 years working and learning in the building Industry as a tradesman (carpentry/finishes). At 28, John received an opportunity to attend the University of Washington. While he Intended to Study Architecture, his path also found a pull toward Industrial Design. After a strong graduation in 2012, top of his Class, John spent a number of years working as a 3-D modeler and in Building Management with the Green Home Industry in Seattle. In 2015 he moved to the Rocky Mtns to Manage the re-opening and Restoration of a long vacant Hotsprings and Resort, Trinity Hot Springs. During that time John also worked on an Industrial Design product with a co-designer in Boise developing Wearable Hidden Data Drives, the Hidden Gem project.

After hitting a rough spot in 2018, John moved back to Washington, re-entered the trades & started building a new foundation with all the he tools now carried. A re-grounding before launching back toward the world of Design and Architecture.


Doors have opened. Currently launching...

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